The Merits of a Child-Led Education

A young boy surprised at a book

Child-centered curriculums make it easier than ever to tap into a child’s natural love of learning. This increasingly popular method of teaching offers many benefits for both your child and you as a parent. Student-centered curriculums often encourage kids to try new things, and so might you after reading about them.

What Is a Child-Led Education?

Child-centered curriculums give kids choice in what they learn. They often start by identifying what a child is most interested in and then developing lesson plans to match. Teachers in this education style are more often considered facilitators than direct instructors.

Whether they’re powered by learning platforms like Hello Genius, or teaching methods like homeschooling & virtual learning, child-led education initiatives are on the rise!

It Keeps Learning Fun

Most young children are slow to learn a sense of responsibility, they choose to act on things that are playful and fun for them. That’s partly why kids learn so much in their formative years; play helps form neural connections and improves skills of all kinds.

A child-centered curriculum ropes learning into that sense of play. That helps make learning fun for kids, so they’re more likely to continue doing it. It’s an excellent way to encourage their education, and helps them retain more information than they would from completing a task they’re forced to do.

It’s Driven by Curiosity and Interest

A great student-centered curriculum might include all kinds of fun things like science experiments and plays. A focus on their particular interests will help drive your child to love learning about everything when they’re allowed to follow whatever sparks that curiosity.

Even when you need your child to learn something specific and it’s not what they’re immediately gravitating towards, a child-centered curriculum helps you align that lesson with their interests. That way, they learn what they need to know while still enjoying the process and their overall education.

They Show You How They Learn Best

People of all ages learn in all kinds of ways. Some people are visual learners, some like to read instructions, and others learn by doing. A great child-centered curriculum will present children with videos, images, text, music, and all kinds of other ways to learn. Children will naturally show you what learning style is best for them by gravitating towards it.

Once you know your child’s learning style, you can give them lessons and activities in that format. It helps ensure that they’ll retain more information, engage more with the material, and know what to look for to continue learning on their own.

It Turns Every Environment Into a Place for Learning

Learning doesn’t have to be limited to a classroom. In fact, since children are curious about everything, every environment can be a place for learning with a child-centered curriculum. Whether you’re on a trip to the city, in the country, or at home, you can take advantage of every opportunity to enhance your child’s education.

Having a personal connection and tangible experience is a huge part of a student-centered curriculum. It increases engagement and feeds a child’s curiosity in everything they come across. So the more environments that become learning centers, the more your child will be excited to know.

A young girl reading in a child-centered curriculum

They Become More Confident and Decisive

One of the best ways to foster a child’s sense of confidence and decisiveness is by putting them in charge of key decisions. With a child-centered curriculum, there are no wrong choices.

Learning about your child and what makes them light up is of the utmost importance for a parent. When you know what excites your child and encourage it, they feel relaxed and secure, which is the best state to be in for learning. Children don’t focus on discovery when they’re nervous, they just try not to make the wrong decision, and dread being in that position when they should love it instead.

It Minimizes Dependence on Screen Time

Children are naturally drawn to screens. But with a child-centered curriculum, screens don’t have to come out in the first place, since kids will be busy exploring the world around them and engaging in hands-on learning.

When learning and fun are two separate things, and screens are mostly used for fun, it’s hard to get a child off of them. But when they’re all intertwined in a student-centered curriculum, it becomes much easier to scale down screen time.

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