The Future of Learning with Prof Dr. Ger Graus OBE

Prof Dr. Ger Graus OBE
The Future of Learning with Prof Dr Ger Graus OBE

The Hello Genius community has the pleasure of working with renowned educational thought leader Professor Dr Ger Graus, OBE. In a recent presentation, Dr Ger Graus described a future for learning that uses technology for a connected purpose in education.

The Purpose of Education

Dr Graus travels regularly as the global education director for KidZania, and now as a Board Director for Hello Genius. He has had the chance to talk with hundreds of children. Frequently, Dr Graus asks them: “Why do you go to school? Tell me why you learn.” What he has discovered is that most children see learning as something they simply do because they have to.

Through Hello Genius, Dr Graus envisions a future for learning in which children will form and answer their own questions about purpose — specifically, the purpose for their education — through a hybrid form of learning that inspires curiosity about the world rather than just preparing them to participate in the economy.

Learning Together

Dr Graus also speaks about the role of community in educating children, bringing to mind the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child.” In a community model of teaching and learning, classroom teachers hold roles that can be described as project managers, with parents/carers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and community educators teaching children through real-world experiences.

The goal of Hello Genius as a  future educational technology platform will be to bring families together around nuggets of inspiration that they can explore and discuss together. Families should learn from each other as well as from a common source. It’s the perfect opportunity for spontaneous teaching to take place while spending quality time as a family. The future of learning should include curriculums that involve families in ways like family homework, that require the participation of a parent/carer.

Connecting Children with Their First Three Teachers through Technology

Young children learn from three primary influences during early childhood:

  1. Their parents/carers
  2. Other children
  3. Their environment

Hello Genius touches on these three crucial influences — it allows children to stay connected with their parents/carers, with others in the community, and with the world around them. Hello Genius introduces children to their environment through nonlinear experiences. Parents/carers can then help their children connect these online experiences with the world around them to bring their virtual learning to life.

Embrace the Future of Education Technology with Hello Genius

Finally, Dr Graus emphasizes the importance of educating children from every angle — with formal learning, experiences in the community, and safe online experiences that ignite their curiosity. As a walled garden of rich educational content, Hello Genius is an exciting tool for the future of learning, one that can help you learn more about your child and explore the world together.

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