The Best Ways Parents Can Promote Early Education and Development for Kids

girl playing with a hula hoop

Today’s parents are busier than ever, and so are their kids. With an increasingly competitive educational environment, families can feel the pressure to make sure their children are high achievers even as toddlers. See strategies parents can use to promote early education and development for their kids by the team at Hello Genius.

Promote Their Agency and Autonomy

Children hear the word “no” a lot, and most of their choices are made for them early in their lives. This makes it especially powerful when we promote agency and autonomy in age-appropriate ways for our children. When your kids make their own choices, they’re practicing the decision-making skills they’ll rely on as an adult. Supporting their agency can greatly benefit their early education and development.

A few ways that parents can support their child’s autonomy are to let them pick out their own outfits when they’re old enough, choose the family dinner once a week, or prepare their own food with your supervision. Teaching your kids how to properly take care of themselves can also help make your life easier as a parent.

Help Set Educational Habits Early

It’s never too late to start, but the earlier the better when it comes to establishing great habits. You can teach your children everything you know, but it will always be more powerful to teach them how to learn on their own. That can have tremendous benefits to their early education and development that will continue through their life.

Help to get your children in the habit of reading a little bit every day, asking questions of an adult whenever they don’t understand something, and writing down lists of goals that include what they aspire to learn. Kids naturally ask questions, so help them direct their interests into learning opportunities.

Don’t underestimate the value of engaging in activities like reading or coloring with your child. They’re always looking to you for your attention and approval. An excellent way to teach children habits is through observation. If they see mom and dad reading every night before bed, they’re more likely to adopt the same behavior.

Optimize Their Environment at Home

Even before your kids begin school, you have the chance to cultivate their first few years in your home as a loving, nurturing source of growth and enrichment. There’s so much you can do as a parent to promote their early education and development. Have engaging toys to play with, easy books to read, and a safe place to run or play.

girl plays a ukulele

Use The Power of Music

Music can be a tremendous benefit for the early education and development of children, and it goes so much further than the alphabet song and nursery rhymes. Learning about music can promote listening skills, aid in learning vocabulary, recognition of sounds, pitch differentiation, and teach kids about feelings and emotion.

Studies show that learning skills through music are beneficial for optimal brain development during the first three years of a child’s life. Since music involves almost all of our cognitive abilities, music experience promotes children’s mental, physical, and emotional growth.

There are plenty of structured programs to provide children with introductory music experiences at any age. But you can also capitalize on the power of music in simple but powerful ways regardless of your own musical background and abilities. You can sing songs with them or turn on children’s playlists for a family dance party.

Keep an Eye on the Big Picture

To give your kids the early education benefits you want for them, it helps to focus on principles. If you promote agency and autonomy, start their educational habits early, and give them a great environment at home, you’ll promote early education and development in great ways for your family.

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