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Topics for Kids to Learn Through Hello Genius

Nearly every public education program across the world has the same hierarchy of subjects for what to teach their kids. At the top, there are languages and mathematics. Near the bottom, we have the arts. There isn’t a single public school that teaches children dance with the same emphasis as math.

These topics for kids to learn may be some of the most valuable for society, but do they feed your child’s imagination in the same way? If the power to learn was up to them, how might it inspire them?

This is the philosophy of the late Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D., and best-selling author whose TED talks have been seen by more than 380 million people in 160 countries, making him the most-watched TED speaker of all time.

featuring The Best Topics for Kids to Learn

So what should we teach our kids? The answer is anything and everything! Sir Ken was a champion for the philosophy that we should introduce our children to many kinds of subjects, trades, and practices to help them find what best interests and motivates them. Discovering the topics for our kids that best feed their spirit is one of the most powerful ways we can support them as a parent.

Sir Ken Robinson was a founder of our platform, Hello Genius. This set of applications for parents and children was made to broaden your child’s horizons with an incredibly diverse range of subjects, professions, trades, and ideas. Here, you’ll find a vast array of topics for kids to learn, driven by what they show interest in. Use it to introduce your child to subjects as diverse as carpentry, agriculture, pottery, zoology, and engineering from anywhere in the world!

Safely Explore Topics as Diverse as the Internet Itself

As your child explores the Hello Genius platform, watch them jump from Einstein to Bocelli, tie-dye to polar bears, and excitedly share their new discoveries when their enthusiasm is at its peak.

The topics for kids accessible on Hello Genius really are as broad as your child’s imagination — watch your child embark on a self-guided adventure of discovery and enjoy the surprise of seeing where their interests take them.

Multiple Media Types

By hosting many high-quality videos, books, photos, and music, Hello Genius empowers your children to explore their favorite topics in their own way.


See a Detailed Picture of Your Child’s Passions

While your child learns independently, the Hello Genius parent app utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to analyze your child’s selections and build a detailed picture of their interests, as well as the ways they prefer to learn.

This comprehensive learning profile can be used to see your kid’s favorite topics in seconds. Hello Genius helps you use this information to plan family activities that build on their strengths and can easily be shared with teachers or tutors to help them as they’re planning what to teach your kids.

Our Commitment to Your Child’s Outstanding Potential

We are continually building and expanding the content in Hello Genius to teach and inspire young minds. We are committed to building the best and safest learning platform in the world.

Give Your Child The World with Hello Genius

Who is your child? Who will they be? How will you help them fulfill their potential? Identify and cultivate your child’s unique talents with the endless topics for kids on Hello Genius.

Step 1: Download the parent app on the Parent Device

Step 2: Download the child app on the Child's Device