Making the Most of Time with Kids as a Busy Parent

When you’re a busy parent, you might feel pulled in all directions. Every day, parents make the call whether to spend another hour to get ahead at work, or go home to spend that time with their kids.

Making the most of your time with your children means learning about their interests and planning activities that the whole family will enjoy. Read on for practical tips on this and how the Hello Genius learning platform can help.

Be Completely Present when You’re There

When you’re at home with your family, emails, phone calls, and other responsibilities can keep you from being fully present. Taking care to finish your work responsibilities for the day or writing up a list of the next day’s tasks can help keep you from taking your work into family time.

For parents who are working from home, make sure to set distinct on work time and family time, so that you can turn everything off when you spend time with your kids. Even the busiest parents can benefit from better work-life balance and strategies to free up their attention and enjoy the moment.

Make Family Mealtimes Special

Mealtimes should be when families gather around the table and share their stories from the day. When you’re a busy parent, mealtimes become even more important for connecting with your kids and significant other.

Before you sit down to eat, make a habit of turning off the TV and mobile devices and waiting for everyone to wash up and sit down at the table. You can get storytime going by sharing the funniest moment of the day or something new that you learned.

If your child has been using Hello Genius, you can skip the “what did you do today?” question. You can already see what your child has learned and explored to ask them about it directly.

Connect with Your Kids One-on-One at Bedtime

Bedtime presents another opportunity for busy parents to bond with their children and reassure them that they’re your top priority. Taking cues from your child’s learning history on Hello Genius, select books that you can read together before lights-out and talk about the story together. Reading hard-copy books is a wonderful way to boost your child’s reading development and make for special moments with you that could be the highlight of their day.

Focus on Activities Your Child Enjoys

On weekends and holidays, busy parents can take advantage of the extra time to plan a special activity or outing with their kids. As the AI builds your child’s learning profile on Hello Genius, the platform provides activity tips and ideas to focus on something your child will enjoy. If your child has been browsing media about art during the week, the app might suggest trying some painting at home. If your child is interested in science and robotics, you could purchase a toy robotics kit and work with your child to build their very own robot.

As a busy parent, focusing on your child’s interests shows them that you know and care about them. It’s also a great way to ensure your time together isn’t frittered away on housework, TV, or video games.

Get out and about with Your Child

There’s nothing like a family excursion to break away mentally from work and create lifelong memories with your kids. Hello Genius can help you find activities in your local area that are based on your child’s unique interests. For example, the app might suggest a trip to the zoo if your child has been saving pictures of animals, or an excursion to the museum if your child has been watching historical videos.

When you’re a busy parent and you only have a few hours for an outing, zeroing in on something your child will love is a sure way to get them excited and make every moment together a positive one.

A busy parent holding an iPhone at work.

Stay in Touch with Your Child While You’re Away

Sometimes, busy parents’ commitments don’t allow us to be at home for a significant stretch of time, and any connection with our kids is a help. If you’re away on a business trip or deployment, Hello Genius helps you stay in touch with your children. You can see what they’re learning and what they’re interested in so you can have meaningful conversations and even share content with them.

As part of the Hello Genius platform, we’ve included secure and private messaging, voice, and video calling capabilities so that busy parents can stay in touch with their kids and be part of their daily discoveries and achievements. Then, when you’ve only got a 15-minute break to chat at home, it helps when you already know what your child would like to talk about!

Connect with Your Kids through Hello Genius

If you’re a busy parent, make every moment count by connecting with your kids through Hello Genius. This revolutionary AI-powered learning platform provides endless hours of autonomous exploration in an environment that’s 100% safe and educational.

While your child is exploring high-quality videos, audio, and books, their learning history and data is uploaded to the parent app in real time and over time so you don’t miss a single thing. Over time, the intelligent engine builds a profile of your child’s interests and preferred learning style and provides targeted activity suggestions to take your child’s interests further and connect them with the real world.

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