How to Supercharge Your Parent-Child Communication

A father coaching his son’s soccer team

Your parent-child dynamic is an incredibly important part of a healthy, happy family. Communication between parent and child should be kind, respectful, and productive. Here are a few key tips on how you might improve your talks with your kids prepared by the team at Hello Genius.

Show Interest in What Matters to Them

Empathy is foundational to great communication. We see the best parent-child communication when parents understand what their kids think and how they feel. As a parent, that starts by showing that you care about what they care about. Whether it’s dance,or art, or dinosaurs, listen to what they want to tell you and make time to support the interests they show.

A great way to discover and encourage your child’s interests is the Hello Genius app. As your child explores, the app collects information about what they learn and engage with most for parents to see with detailed metrics.

Think of how that can change your conversation around the dinner table. How do your kids react when you ask “what did you learn at school today?”

How much better could it be to say “I saw you found some great photos of tigers today, what do you like about tigers?”

Whether you use Hello Genius or not, addressing their interests specifically can do wonders for your parent-child communication.

Give Them One-On-One Time and Space

Improving your parent-child dynamic starts with your relationship, and relationships come from spending time together. Set aside one-on-one time and space with your child — and it doesn’t have to be in-person if you’re not in that position.

Hello Genius has parent-child communication features to stay in touch with your kids about what they’re learning and doing, as well as what they like. That empowers you to spend time with your kids whether you’re bonding across the dinner table or halfway around the world.

Communication Features of Hello Genius

  • Text messaging, voice calls, and video calls
  • See and correspond on live learning activities
  • Share images, videos, and books
  • Share tips on what to explore next

The AI technology of Hello Genius tracks your child’s interests and motivations so you can use those insights to plan activities that will be the most interesting to them and so that will be the best for your parent-child dynamic.

The tools, technology, and personal time you share with your child build their excitement for learning, bolster their sense of confidence, and show just how much you love them.

Communicate in the Way Your Child Prefers

Because each child is different, they may prefer a different communication style than you or other children. Kids might also develop different preferences as they age. There isn’t just one communication style that will work best for everyone. To cover for this, look for opportunities to foster your parent-child communication in a variety of ways. Sometimes, you have that meaningful conversation for half an hour when they get home from school. Other times, you might have a one-minute discussion where you arrange when and where to pick them up from a playdate and then you tell them you love them. 

And communication doesn’t just have to be in conversation: you can also demonstrate your love through measures without words. Try leaving them a surprise on their pillow, writing a note for their school lunch, or even showing them a funny comic.

A mother hugging her child

Show Physical Affection

It’s a scientific fact that children need physical affection, but you may not have thought about how physical affection can improve parent-child communication. It can be much easier to cuddle with the toddler that always clings to your leg than to hug the teenager that keeps taking your keys. But no matter what stage your child is in, showing physical affection is one of the best ways to deepen your relationship. Use it to help build your parent-child dynamic to be one of mutual trust, support, and affection. So hug your children often, ruffle or brush their, or hold their hand more than you might normally. Show how much you love them in as many ways as you can.

Try Hello Genius

Hello Genius is a great way for your and your child to learn about their interests and meaningfully connect over them. It can you keep a productive parent-child dynamic and stay in touch around the world. Get the child app and the parent app and see the benefits for your parent-child communication.