How to Parent for Your Child’s Unique Personality

Every child is different in their interests, the way they act, and the way they learn. There is no “one size fits all” approach to parenting because every child’s personality comes in a different size and shape. Taking each child’s personality into account can help you determine the best approach for winning your child’s cooperation, connecting with their interests, and teaching them meaningful life lessons.

Here we discuss parenting based on your child’s personality and how the Hello Genius app can help strengthen the bond between you and your child.

Understanding Your Child

To tailor your parenting for your child’s personality, you first have to learn about your kid’s personality traits. Is your child outgoing, or do they prefer to keep to themselves in social situations? Do they have high energy, or are they more on the calm and quiet side? Understanding your child is the first step to being a nurturing, supportive parent.

In each case, your goal should be to find their favorite activities, the subjects they most want to learn about, and the style of communication they respond best to. Then use those insights to win their attention and cooperation.

Parenting a Shy Child

Shy children are more often skeptical of new situations and need time to warm up to unfamiliar surroundings. You want to respect your child’s process of slowly adapting to situations while also encouraging their participation. The key is to challenge, but not to stress. Opening a child to a stressful social environment can cause them to be overwhelmed, which can result in an even deeper desire to not be social.

Keep the personality of your child in mind, and start with low-stress social situations, such as a playdate with just one other child. Once they seem to be comfortable in that situation, you can build from there.

Parenting a High-Energy Child

High-energy children tend to love stimulation but can also have meltdowns just from being overstimulated or riled up. It’s vital to find healthy and safe outlets for your child to release their energy. The playground, bike riding, or structured activities like sports or a jr. martial arts class are great ways to release energy.

Consider teaching calming techniques to a high-energy child, such as breathing exercises. This will teach them a skill that they can benefit from throughout life. Practicing this together will also give you a chance to bond with your child. Finding a way to bond daily also helps high-energy children have their emotional needs met. The positive attention is reaffirming which only leads to more positive behavior, as children thrive on encouragement.

boy jumping in puddle

Parenting a Sensitive Child

Sensitive children often have trouble trying new things, which can be frustrating for a parent as you want your child to explore the world around them. A sensitive child typically needs the same boost of encouragement as a shy child to participate in social situations, especially when it’s a new activity or experience. Find opportunities for your child to manage their anxiety and leave their comfort zone while trying new things without feeling overwhelmed. The “start small” approach is best to develop your child’s threshold for new experiences.

Using Hello Genius to Let Your Child Explore

No matter the personality type of your child, you want them to grow up feeling loved and supported, while connecting with interests that really motivate them. Hello Genius is an app that helps children discover what they love, and helps their parents best support them.

This new platform provides interactive features which encourage children’s curiosity and empower them to learn about any topic that interests them. Kids can explore child-friendly content including video, audio, and books to access and learn from content in the ways they feel most comfortable.

Meanwhile, adults can watch through the parent version of the app, and suggest content for their kids to explore next. They can see a real-time feed of what their children are exploring and constantly stay in contact with video, voice, and text messaging. The app has already been getting a lot of attention for its unique approach to connecting parents and children.

Hello Genius is available with a free 30-day trial. Try it today!