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Step 1: Download the parent app on the Parent Device

Step 2: Download the child app on the Child Device

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How it Works

You know your child has great potential and unique talents that they bring to the world. The Hello Genius learning system for kids can help you explore these together and build a detailed picture of what your child loves to learn while strengthening your connection and understanding as a parent.

See how this groundbreaking kids’ learning program can help you connect with them on a deeper level.

How to Install


Step 1: Get the App

Download Hello Genius on your tablet, smartphone, or computer. There’s one app for kids and a joint app for parents which work together, so you never miss a chance to engage. With the app in Safe Mode, your child will stay secure and focused in an environment that enriches their curiosity.

Once your child has the kids’ version on their device, and you have the parent version on yours, you’re all set to start on a magical new way of learning together!


Step 2: Your Child Explores and Learns

Your child will be immersed in a safe and engaging learning environment. Their exploration of knowledge is self-directed and nonlinear, allowing them to reveal their unique interests and passions to you in real time.

As they watch videos, see photos, and read up on interesting topics, artificial intelligence delivers new content based on what they interact with to enhance their learning opportunities.

Over time, this learning system for kids builds a profile of their interests and what they’ve learned and helps you shine a light on their individuality.


Step 3: Their Experience Helps You Connect

Use the parent app to see what your child is engaging with, both in real time and over time. The AI of this kids’ learning program builds a profile of their interests and then makes recommendations to parents about offline activities that reflect these interests, increasing the opportunity to bond with your child over topics they care about.

You and your child can also communicate over text, voice, and video chat through the app, and the parent can become a partner on their child’s learning journeys.

Your First Hour With Hello Genius

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In this tech-focused, complex world, it has never before been so important to help our children find their strengths and for parents to feel they really understand their children. The Hello Genius learning system for kids makes that a great deal easier.

Hello Genius is your unique tool to connect more deeply with your child and prepare them to face the complex challenges of the world today. Try this unique educational app to help your child discover what they are truly passionate about.

Step 1: Download the parent app on the Parent Device

Step 2: Download the child app on the Child Device