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Hello Genius quick start guide

See our quick start guide to get the Hello Genius parent and child apps up and running on you and your child's devices.
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Hello Genius user guide

See our full user guide for more detailed information on using the Hello Genius parent and child apps.
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see this video to learn how to start using and navigating Hello Genius.

Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely. We consider Hello Genius a walled garden of safe and child-friendly content. Unlike the open internet, your child will never stumble upon inappropriate content. They cannot be contacted by strangers, and will not see advertisements while utilizing the app.
Hello Genius is intended for children ages 5 to 10.
Children can find engaging photos, music, videos, and books on all kinds of interesting subjects. They can also connect other apps to use within the Hello Genius environment. The discoveries they make could be on just about any topic. Their opportunities are as vast as the world we live in!
Hello Genius is absolutely free to use for the first 30 days. After that, a subscription can be purchased for $15 monthly (an annualized average daily cost of 50 cents per day) or $120 annually (an average daily cost of 33 cents per day). In addition, we have made it our mission for our apps to never cost families more than 99 cents per day. Every child account after the first receives a 50% discount. In addition we will typically offer different pricing incentives during different times of the year, so stay tuned on different offerings.

Hello Genius is a powerful tool for self-directed learning, but it is not made to follow any specific kind of curriculum. As a homeschooling parent, you may find the insights provided by Hello Genius invaluable for helping you make unique lesson plans for your child that are specific to them. Activity tips and community connections provided by the app can further enrich your homeschooling journey by providing ready-made excursion ideas based on your child’s interests.

Hello Genius can be a complement to traditional education, but should not be considered a replacement. We encourage parents and children to use Hello Genius to expand their understanding of concepts they learn in the classroom. Your child will likely even learn about subjects that are beyond their grade level. 

The detailed insights built by Hello Genius about your child can be shared with their teachers, tutors, and extended family to help them start meaningful conversations and connect with your child on a deeper level.

Setting Up Hello Genius

Start by installing the parent app for Apple® devices or Android™ devices, then by installing the child app on a separate Apple® or Android™ device. Next, pair the apps together by clicking on the ‘Devices’ button inside the parent app, then selecting ‘Add Device’. Scan the QR code on your child’s device. Finally, assign the paired device to your child’s profile, and you are all set.
Yes. Although a Hello Genius profile is unique to each child, you can easily see each of your children and switch between them on a convenient family dashboard. Once you have one child account created, do note that if you wish to create accounts for additional children, every account you create after your first child account is 50% off.
While we typically encourage sharing, it’s best if every child has their own account. The advanced algorithms that power Hello Genius are always measuring what your children are watching and reading to build a profile of their interests. The app uses that information to suggest new content for them to explore, and related family-friendly activities in your area. Your children’s profiles will be as unique as a fingerprint. As they explore and discover through the app, it’s best to keep their information unique and individual to each child.

Using Hello Genius

An internet connection is essential for syncing new content and linking you up with families and activities near you.

Hello Genius is an internet-based platform that can be used on tablets and smartphones. It is constantly being updated with new, high-quality content. An internet connection also lets you communicate with your child in real-time via messaging, voice calls, and video calls.

Your child will not be able to access the internet like they would with an open internet browser. Everything they’ll be able to see and explore was sourced from safe and appropriate places online.
The social media capabilities of Hello Genius are entirely optional, and controlled through the parent app. Once opting in, you will be able to see other groups of parents and children who share similar interests in your area. Join the group for access to a chatroom with other parents. The way your children interact after that is at your complete discretion.


Send us a message with the details of the bug using the ‘write to us’ prompt at the bottom of our website. Thanks for helping us make Hello Genius the best it can be!

Excellent to hear this! We’d love to hear from you and be involved in your experience using our platforms. We encourage feedback from all of our app users. Utilizing the ‘write to us’ section in the footer of our website, we welcome you to provide us with feedback on your experience. We will use your feedback to help continue to strengthen the apps.