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Step 1: Download the parent app on the Parent Device

Step 2: Download the child app on the Child’s Device

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features & benefits

The Hello Genius educational app is uniquely powerful. It has been designed to help you find out what your child learns about and to help them learn from a rich variety of sources. Discover some of the features of this cutting-edge learning app and how it can help your child learn and enrich your life as a parent.

safe & engaging

Photos, videos and books.
ZERO advertisements or unverified links!
There is a lot your child can find on the open internet, but not all of it is age-appropriate. The Hello Genius technology prevents them from accessing anything else on a device while it is locked into the Hello Genius app. With Hello Genius, you can hand your child a tablet, or nearly any device with an internet connection, and be informed through the parent app as they spend hours on this educational app looking, listening, and reading about our world. Watch as they take a self-directed learning journey to discovering new interests all on their own.

for children and parents together

A parent app shows a child’s activities in real time and over time, with additional dynamic data-driven insights, activity tips, and community features

Text, voice, and video chat connect parents and kids and mean you never have to ask the question, “What did you do today?”
This educational app shows you what your child is learning, and empowers you to participate. Use it to suggest new content for them to watch.

Instead of asking, “What did you learn today,” use Hello Genius to jump right in and talk about it. Have a deeper and more meaningful conversation on topics you already know have their interest.

ai-assisted exploration

The app shows new content based on what children engage with.

Multiple media type options help children learn in ways that engage them and enhance their discovery.
Hello Genius helps kids learn what they want at their own pace. It’s a self-directed learning app that puts them in control, while uniquely empowering you as the parent.

The onboard artificial intelligence of this educational app sees what your child interacts with and delivers new content that facilitates deeper engagement and learning.

insightful & shareable

The system helps you, the parent, understand your child’s interests and creates a profile based on their learning activities that can be easily shared with teachers and family.
Over time, artificial intelligence will paint a vivid picture of a child’s interests that parents, teachers, and family can use to better connect with them. You can share this profile with a child’s teacher to help stimulate conversation and understanding. Or share it with the child’s relatives to help them make a meaningful connection, especially if they only see each other rarely.


Complete voice recognition.
Easy to use for children aged 5-10.
Each child will naturally be at a different stage in their reading and writing skills. To make this educational app accessible to everyone, we have included advanced voice recognition capabilities so that your child can search by speaking or typing. Colorful graphics and a child-friendly interface make it easy and fun to navigate and learn.

connect with other families

Our community option will enable you (if you choose) to opt in and connect with other parents, guardians, and families whose children share similar interests, thus allowing you to create friendships, share experiences, and build supportive networks.
Hello Genius is your unique tool to connect more deeply with your child and prepare them to face the complex challenges of the world today. Try this unique educational app to help your child discover what they are truly passionate about.

Step 1: Download the parent app on the Parent Device

Step 2: Download the child app on the Child’s Device