Enriching Ways to Keep Kids Entertained

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Looking for a way to help your kids stay engaged in something for more than a couple of minutes that don’t involve television or YouTube? Here are some enriching kid entertainment ideas to keep kids busy, learning, and having fun by the team at Hello Genius.

Start a Family Book Club

A book club can be an enriching way to entertain the whole family. Depending on the age of your children, you may have the whole family enjoy the same book, or each child can have their own. If your family is reading one book, you can discuss everyone’s favorite parts and make predictions about what’s coming next. 

If kids are reading different books, they can give mini-presentations about their books to each other. This can be as simple as a list of three favorites: one favorite character, one favorite chapter, and one favorite item or place. This can be an excellent way to help keep kids busy and foster a great learning environment at home.

Find Resources at your Local Library

Libraries often run summer reading programs where kids can get prizes for reading certain amounts, and you can do a similar program at home if you like. Make visiting the library a habit and let your kids explore and be comfortable with spending time at the library. Let them get the same books over and over again or books that you think are too easy for them: it’s much more important for kids to like the books they choose. Libraries themselves are great places for ideas on kid’s entertainment. Many have their own reading clubs or host other activities like talent shows.

If you have a kid or two who hates the idea of reading and book club, have them pick a book that also has a movie. Plan a special movie night to see the film adaptation once they’ve finished the book.

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Open it Up to Friends & Extended Family

Consider extending the book club to friends and

 family members like cousins and grandparents. Have in-person or online meetings where kids can share what they’ve learned and read with cousins, grandparents, or best friends. Make reading a fun, normal part of your kids’ routines, and you’ll be surprised at how many books they remember and enjoy.

Help Your Kids Connect with Nature

Your kids don’t have to be on expensive devices or a bunch of toys to have fun every day; sometimes, the best kid entertainment ideas involve the novelty of nature. 

Consider starting a family garden. Have your kids choose the kinds of plants to grow and help research different kinds of fruits and vegetables and how to care for them. This can be an enriching family activity that can span months, with short manageable daily upkeep as they hone their green thumb.

Even more simply, you can add water to ordinary activities, and watch how much fun your kids will have. Having a “car wash” for toy cars or other similar hard toys in the sink is an easy way to keep toddlers involved for a while.

Gamify a Task That Matters

Kids love to feel valued and helpful, but it can be a challenge to keep them engaged in anything they see as a chore. A great idea to help keep kids entertained is to make a game of household chores or tasks.

Add a Timer – “How many toys can you pick up in two minutes?” “Who can be the fastest to sort their clothes from the dryer?” Suddenly, cleaning up becomes a fun contest instead of a drag.

A Scavenger Hunt – When it comes time to clean up toys, games, art supplies, or other kid’s stuff, make it a scavenger hunt. Get a list together of everything they need and see who can get back where it belongs the fastest.

Add a Prize – Rewards can be a great incentive to keep kids focused. Can your children brush their teeth without being asked? Can they get their homework done every night before dinner? Make a chart or punch card system and give them a treat if they can meet those goals seven nights in a row.

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Make It a Challenge

Going along with the timer element of tasks, many kids are competitive, so a challenge format is all they need for an activity to captivate their attention and ignite their curiosity. Many board and card games already have challenge elements, or you can have the kids make their own board games.

You can host more complicated challenge activities like hosting an at-home building competition with toy blocks, or an egg drop challenge to keep an egg safe from breaking when dropped from a certain height. More simply, you can have a sidewalk chalk competition or see whose bed is made first in the morning.

Screen Time That Matters

Your kids are inevitably going to want to spend time on devices like cell phones, tablets, and computers, and you’re going to want to have that break, too. But you can make electronic entertainment ideas for kids more enriching. 

Hello Genius allows children to explore topics nearly as diverse as the internet itself. It tracks their interests as your child engages with and learns about them, and it even suggests family-friendly activities in your area they’ll love to do. Hello Genius is a great way to help keep kids busy on their own, and together as a family.

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