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Quick Setup Guide

The Hello Genius software suit consists of two apps:

● parent app
● child app

Below is a step-by-step guide to signing up for the parent app, installing the child app, and pairing the devices. Successful enrollment allows parents to unlock the full power of the Hello Genius software suite:

● Access to the child’s exploration and learning history
● Insights into the child’s key areas of curiosity and passion
● Tips on places to visit, events and meetups to attend, and books to read all based on your child’s learning history
● Control over who can contact your child through the app
● Device details and settings, including app management on the child’s device in Safe Mode
1. Download and Installation of parent app
Download the parent app from Apple App Store or from Google Play store and install the “Hello Genius Parent” app on the Parent device.
parent app device permissions parent app needs following permissions on the parent device. Please provide all of them to make full use of the Hello Genius platform. Please see the permissions flow in Android and iOS devices.

● Permissions on iOS Device:
1. Notification – Access required for calling and other notifications.

● Permissions on Android device
Please give all required permissions to the app to make full out of it. Below are the screens of permissions required just after the installation.
2. Parent user registration on parent app
Open the Hello Genius parent app and start the step by step registration process by providing the user details. Please see the registration steps below in a sequence;

Enter Your Name→ Enter Your Email→Add Photo (Optional)→Add Phone Number→Enter Date of Birth→Enter Gender→ Enter Zip Code (Optional)→Select Languages (Optional)→Enter Account Password→Submit

Please see the following registration screens below in a sequence.
3. Login into parent app on parent device
Open the parent app on the parent device and click on “Login with Email or Username” button. Enter parent user email address and password to login into parent app and click on “Login” button. After successful login the parent user lands on the dashboard page.

Please see the sequence of steps below;
Login with Email or Username→ Enter Your Email and Password→Genius Center Page. Please see the login screens in sequence.
4. Add Child in parent user account on parent app
After logging into the parent app, the parent user lands on the Genius Center page. Please follow the steps below to add a child via the parent account.

Login→Genius Center→Click on Add Genius Icon →Add Photo (Optional)→Enter Child’s Name→Enter Nickname (Optional)→Enter Date of Birth→Enter Gender→Enter Zip Code→Enter Languages→Enter Relationship with Child→ Submit.

Please see the add child’s screens in a sequence.
5. child app installation on child device
Download the child app from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store and install on the child device. The child device should be different from the parent app device.
6. Pair the child app with parent app
To start with a child app, the app must be paired with the parent app. Please find the steps of pairing below;

Open the child app on the child device and see the QR on the child app screen. The QR code screen will wait for 3 minutes to be paired with the parent app. If it expires then please reopen the child app again and QR code ready to be paired.

Please see the QR code screen on child app below;
7. Assign paired child device to child on parent app
Parent user to assign the paired child device to the child user (added in step 6) in the parent account. Please follow the steps on the parent app to assign the paired device to the child user below.

Go to the Menu and select Devices→Select the device you want to Pair (click on the > icon)→On the Device Details Page, select: Assign/Unassign→Assign the device to a child by clicking the “Assign” button→Confirmation of copying device history to the selected user profile: Yes→Done: Device Assigned

Please see the screens of assigning device below;
8. Start with child app
a. Device permissions

Hello Genius child app needs few device permissions so that the user can make most out of it. It is recommended to grant all permissions requested by Hello Genius app. Please see the list of required permissions below;

i. Camera : This permission is required to take pictures and record video.
ii. Location : This permission is required to access the device location.
iii.Microphone : This permission is required to record audio.
iv.Storage : This permission is required to access photos, media and files on the device.
v. Telephone : This permission is required to make and manage phone calls.
vi.Modify System Settings (On Android devices only) : This permission is required to allow restricted access to apps installed on the child device. This is required on Android devices only.
Please see the more details about this permission in the next step.

b. Modify System Settings permission on Android device

As mentioned above this permission is required on Android devices only to manage the Safe Mode access to a child on a child device by restricting the other apps accessibility which are installed on the same device.

Hence it is recommended to allow modifying system settings to manage Safe Mode access on child devices. Please see the screenshot below to give permission.
9. Exiting Safe Mode on Android devices
To exit the safe mode there are steps to be followed. Please see the steps below.
a. Please log out from the Hello Genius app by clicking on the Log Out button in the screen below.
After logging out from the Hello Genius app, please click on the “Exit Safe Mode” button placed in the top right section of the screen.

Enter the Safe Mode exit password set by the parent user on the parent app for this device. By default (or for first time users) the Safe Mode exit password is “Genius@1234”.

First time users can use the default password to exit from Safe Mode on a child device.