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product manual

1. Installation Guide

The Hello Genius software suit consists of two apps:

● parent app
● child app

Below is a step-by-step guide to signing up for the parent app, installing the child app, and pairing the devices.
Successful enrollment allows parents to unlock the full power of the Hello Genius software suite:

● Access to the child’s exploration and learning history
● Insights into the child’s key areas of curiosity and passion
● Tips on places to visit, events and meetups to attend, and books to read all based on your child’s learning history
● Control over who can contact your child through the app
● Device details and settings, including app management on the child’s device in Safe Mode 

2. parent app

The parent app is the starting point of the Hello Genius platform. It gives users a real-time feed of everything the child is looking at and learning about. Over time, our analytics reveal a child’s interests and learning preferences. These insights and data points help parents understand their child as an individual with unique talents. A parent’s affirmation and support aid their child’s confidence and growth. The following is a step-by-step guide to the parent app in Hello Genius.

2.1. Registration

After successfully installing the Hello Genius parent app, the user starts the registration process to sign up to the Hello Genius system.
2.1.1. Splash screen
The splash screen is the first screen that appears after the user clicks on the Hello Genius app icon. The screen disappears after a couple of seconds and then the sign up and login screen appears.
2.1.2. Sign up and login
The sign up and login screen appears after the splash screen. To start the sign up process, click on the “Create Account” button.

2.2. Account activation

Once the user signs up and submits their information, Hello Genius will send them an email with a 5-digit account activation code. Entering the code will activate their account on the Hello Genius parent app.
2.2.1. Account activation right after signing up on the Hello Genius platform.
The user receives the activation code after submitting their account details on Hello Genius. The activation code is only valid for 10 minutes. Enter the code in the code verification screen that appears after signing up. Click on the “Verify” button to activate your account. Please refer to the following screenshots:

2.3. Sign In

A user can sign in with the valid username and password for their account. The username is the email address they entered when signing up to Hello Genius. Please refer to the following image

Click on the “Login” button to sign in
to the app.

2.3.1 Forgot Password
You can change your password by clicking on the “Forgot Password?” link below the “Login” button. Please follow the steps below after clicking on the “Forgot Password?” link: Enter registered email and click Submit → Enter verification code received via registered email and click Verify → Enter new password (twice) and click Submit.

2.4. Add Child

After logging into the parent app, the parent user lands on the Genius Center page. Please follow the steps below to add a child via the parent account.
Login → Genius Center → Click on Add Genius Icon → Add Photo (Optional) → Enter Child’s Name → Enter Nickname (Optional) → Enter Date of Birth → Enter Gender → Enter Zip Code → Enter Languages → Enter Relationship with Child → Submit

These steps are illustrated in the following screenshots:

2.5 Pair device

To use the child app on a child device, pair the child app and device with the parent app under the parent’s user account. The prerequisite for pairing the child app and child device is that the parent app and child app should be installed on separate devices. The parent app should be logged into by one parent user. Each parent user should have their own parent user account.

2.6 Assign device

Now, the child app is paired with a parent app user account. One child has been added to the parent account. If the child does not appear in the parent user account, go to the “Add Child” section and follow the steps below to assign the paired device to the child in the parent user account.

Login → Go to the Menu and select Devices → Select the device you want to Pair (click on the > icon) → On the Device Details Page, select Assign/Unassign → Assign the device to a child by clicking the “Assign” button → Confirmation of copying device history to the selected user profile: Yes → Done: Device Assigned

Please see the respective screenshots below to assign a paired device to a child in the parent app account.

2.7 Genius Center

Genius Center is the dashboard of a parent user. It lists all the children added to the parent user account with some brief profile data, latest activities, device status parameters, including battery, storage, and time spent on the device, by child. By default, parent users land on this page after logging into the app. See a screenshot of the Genius Center here:

2.8 Child Profile

On the Genius Center page, a parent user can see each child’s user profile by clicking on the > icon or on the child’s name in any child data section. The child profile page displays the child’s profile information with some actions, including editing the child profile and editing what the child is passionate and curious about. Here is a list of the actions available for a parent user on a child’s profile page:
2.8.1 Edit Profile data
Login → Genius Center → Child Profile → Edit Profile (pencil icon) → Save Changes

2.9 Calling - Audio / Video

The parent user can call their child using the Audio and Video call features. The parent can initiate a call from the parent user dashboard (Genius Center) screen. Under each child’s section, there’s a Video call icon and an Audio call icon which initiate the call to that child.

2.10 Activity feeds

The parent user can see a child’s activities on their Activities page. The latest activities are visible on the dashboard (Genius Center) page, under the “Activity” label. By scrolling to the right, the parent can see all of the child’s latest activities. To see more activities, go to the Activities page by clicking on . Please follow the screenshots below:

2.12 Tips

The Hello Genius app gives parents recommendations for “Places”, “Events”, and “Shopping” based on their child’s interests. Parent users can customize the input data to see a variety of tips. To learn more about customized input data, please see section [2.15.2]. By default, the tips are generated using the parent user’s current location. To change the location, please see section [2.15.1]. In order to view the tips for a particular child, follow these screenshots:

2.13 Content sharing

Parent users can share content (images, videos, and PDFs) from the parent app to the child app. By default, the Share page, which you can access using the bottom menu bar on a child’s profile page, displays the content that the child and parent have shared with each other. The parent user can also see what content has been shared by other siblings with this selected child or vice versa. All of this data can be filtered. For more details about the filter, see section [2.15.1]. The following screenshots show how to share an image with a child:

2.14 Parent Social

Hello Genius parent social recommendation system helps parents connect with other parents based on their children sharing similar interests. A parent can send a request to connect to the recommended parent. The receiver of the request can choose to accept or ignore it. The parent social module is all about suggestions and connections. Let’s look at them in detail.
2.14.1 Suggestions
Hello Genius suggests that a parent could connect with another parent who has kids with similar interests and who is close in geographic proximity. In order to view suggestions of parents with whom you might want to consider connecting, go to the Social page (the globe icon in the bottom menu bar) on a particular child’s profile and click on the “Suggestions” tab, as seen in the screenshots below.

3. child app

3.1 Safe Mode

Safe Mode on the child device is a restrictive mode that locks down a child’s device to a single app or a specific set of apps to run in the foreground.
3.1.1 Activate Safe Mode
The Hello Genius system will prompt you to choose whether to activate Safe Mode as soon as you open the child app. From the moment you activate Safe Mode, the child only has access to a defined set of apps. Please see the following screenshots for details on how to activate the Safe Mode.
Select all of the permissions you wish to grant the child in Safe Mode. Click on “Grant All” to give all permissions.
3.1.2 Exit Safe Mode
Safe Mode is passcode guarded. The child user or parent user on the child device can exit Safe Mode by entering the passcode set for exiting Safe Mode. Please follow the steps and screenshots below to exit Safe Mode.

Log out of Hello Genius App → Exit Safe Mode → Enter your Safe Mode Exit Passcode → Exit

3.2 Home Screen

3.2.1 Dashboard Content
The dashboard screen is the landing page after logging into the Hello Genius child app. On the dashboard page, also known as the home page, the system displays various multimedia content including videos, images, and books. The dashboard page also allows a child to navigate within the app by all action icons on it. Let’s look further into each of the multimedia content types: Videos
Video is one of the content types that the child can view on the Hello Genius platform. Please see the video player screens below with available actions on them. <- [I would remove all of this] Play/Pause Video
The child can play and pause the video. Please see the screen of the video player playing the video. Videos only
The child can choose to only view videos on the dashboard page by selecting the pink play icon at the top of the screen, highlighted in the screenshot below. Books
Books are another type of content that the child can interact with on the Hello Genius platform.

3.3 Activities

3.3.1 View content Videos / Books / Images
The child user can “inspect” videos by pausing them on any particular frame and clicking on the inspect icon in the action bar at the bottom of the screen. Below, you can see screenshots of an example inspection on a video and the results of that inspection.
3.3.2 Inspect Inspect video
The child can view content by clicking on content thumbnails. The content will open in its respective view mode, i.e. a video in the video player, a book in the book reader, and an image in the simple view mode.
3.3.3 More like this
The child user can search for content similar to what they are currently viewing. Clicking on the “More like this” button will search for similar multimedia content and deliver it to the child.
3.3.4 Like

The child user can like content by clicking on the “like”  icon. The “liked”  icon (heart filled with color) means the child has already liked the particular content on the screen.

3.3.5 Share
The child can share content with their parents and siblings on the Hello Genius platform. They can share a video, an image, or a book.

3.4 Search

The child can search the multimedia content on the Hello Genius platform by typing in a search term or by using voice recognition audio search. Please see the details for both methods of search below.

3.5 Parent’s Topic Recommendations

The Hello Genius software platform allows a child to view content recommended to them by their parent via the parent app. For more information about the parent’s topic recommendations, please see section [2.8.2] and section [2.8.3]. Please see the steps and screenshots below for more information on parent-recommended topics and how a child can view content about them.
The child can click on the icon to open up the content suggestions from their parents. They can then click on one particular recommendation, such as “Boston”. The child can also ask Hello Genius to speak the suggested string by clicking on the speaker icon.

3.10 Lock App

The lock app feature locks the child app so that it will open from the same page. Please follow the screenshots below to lock the app

3.11 Log Out

Please follow the screenshots below to log out of the app: