Prof Dr. Ger Graus OBE

The Future of Learning with Prof Dr. Ger Graus OBE

The Hello Genius community has the pleasure of working with renowned educational thought leader Professor Dr Ger Graus, OBE. In a recent presentation, Dr Ger Graus described a future for

A father coaching his son’s soccer team

How to Supercharge Your Parent-Child Communication

Your parent-child dynamic is an incredibly important part of a healthy, happy family. Communication between parent and child should be kind, respectful, and productive. Here are a few key tips

two boys watching a tablet

Enriching Ways to Keep Kids Entertained

Looking for a way to help your kids stay engaged in something for more than a couple of minutes that don’t involve television or YouTube? Here are some enriching kid

A young boy surprised at a book

The Merits of a Child-Led Education

Child-centered curriculums make it easier than ever to tap into a child’s natural love of learning. This increasingly popular method of teaching offers many benefits for both your child and

How Mentors Make Education Meaningful for Kids

You’ve probably already heard the saying “it takes a village to raise a child.” Well, every child needs a mentor from that village. Mentors are a bridge between their education

Girl writing on a desk

Homeschooling vs. Traditional Schooling

When it comes to creating your child’s education plan, a big decision for many will be whether you want to homeschool them or send them to a traditional school. While

Child in coat looking at the horizon

What Does It Mean to Follow Your Dreams?

Children are often told “follow your dreams,” meaning that they should learn more about what they love and try to make it a viable career if they can. But should

Four Lessons Kids Should Learn from Their Parents

Children in their formative years are like sponges. They instinctively absorb and internalize much of what they see around them, often in unexpected ways. They do this in their experiences

How to Encourage Kids to Love Learning

Kids love learning. Period. Even if they don’t say so. You can see it in how engaged and attentive they become with something they like, whether it’s through a sport,

How to Create a Learning Environment at Home

Children learn anywhere and everywhere they go, regardless of whether we’re trying to teach them. As parents, we should help them in every way we can. That means creating an

children learning with technology on computers

The Top 4 Educational Technology Tools Most Effective for Kids

If there’s one thing everyone has realized in 2020, it’s that educational technology tools are the way of the future. And digital learning tools will continue to be more integral to our children’s lives than in any generation before.

Father holding daughter on a nature walk

Five Tips for Parent-Child Bonding

Parents hear about the “parent-child bond” quite a lot during their child’s formative years. We’re told from a child’s first moments that fostering this bond is critical — that it’s

child watching TV

How to Scale Down Screen Time for Kids

Today’s technological advances offer a host of opportunities for learning that we couldn’t have imagined 30 years ago, such as the ability to see any part of the world at the click of the button and video chat with grandma from across the ocean. However, between browsing video sharing sites, watching television, and playing with apps on parents’ smartphones or tablets, we often wonder how much screen time for kids is appropriate. And once we know how much that time is, how can we make every minute count?

A mother and baby girl reading a book.

6 of the Best Ways to Help Kids Learn

As parents, we have the amazing privilege of being our children’s first teachers and setting the foundations for their life. Starting from birth and continuing throughout childhood, there are several