Advanced Artificial Intelligence for Learning

See how Hello Genius adapts to help your children make new discoveries.

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AI-powered learning & exploration

Imagine a learning technology that suggests your child do things away from the screen. Real world physical and sensory activities that help them learn and develop and spend more time together with you. Now, also imagine a platform that is constantly adapting to your child’s interests and abilities to teach them and keep them engaged. Like a friend who brings up new topics to talk about whenever they reach a related subject. That is the power of AI for education — self-directed, nonlinear learning that meets your child where they’re at and takes them further. It’s a learning revolution that could change the world.

Self-Directed Autonomous Learning

Modern artificial intelligence for education enables children to explore completely on their own, and they may surprise you with the things they learn. This new level of AI for education grants autonomy to explore 100% age-appropriate content that keeps children engaged.

Featuring advanced voice recognition technology and sophisticated algorithms, Hello Genius allows children to search by voice or text and serves up a diverse range of media types — each catering to a variety of learning styles to meet children right where they’re at.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Created by today’s thought leaders in parenting, education, and technology, Hello Genius has been designed with the idea that our children are our most important investment. That’s why we’ve brought you a platform that takes the revolutionary artificial intelligence for education pioneered by Silicon Valley and combines it with ideas from some of the top educational philosophers of our time.

The world we live in is constantly changing, and AI for education can help our children rise to the challenge with a nonlinear approach to learning.

Endless Exploration

The Hello Genius AI for education models the way we naturally learn by suggesting information in related topics and connecting new information back to what we already know.

Imagine your child is on the Hello Genius platform and begins by searching for cars. Soon, they find a video about the invention of the automobile. After watching this engaging video, Hello Genius suggests an image of a vintage car, a video about how car engines work, and a book about great inventors of the last two centuries. Your child can spend as much time as they like pouring over the lives of inventors and the inventions that have shaped our world.

The AI for education in Hello Genius actually helps parents to better connect with their kids and support their interests. The platform sends suggestions to parents with activities they can enjoy together. If your child has an interest in how computers work, Hello Genius might recommend a visit to your local museum of science and technology. There, they can further explore their interest and build their passion.

Save a Detailed Learning History

With the Hello Genius joint parent app, you will never miss a beat. All the material your child is learning is broadcast straight to your phone. Instead of asking your child, “What did you do today?” you can see for yourself through the parent app. While your child explores, you can track all of their activity through the parent app. You can also access detailed analytics of your child’s favorite subjects, preferred learning styles, and see the amount of time they have spent on each topic.

Whether you’re sitting together on the couch or keeping in touch from a trip across the world, watch your child embark on a self-directed learning journey and be right there with them every step of the way. Offer your child support and affirmation and get involved in their learning journey in fun, positive ways – something all children love.

harness AI for education today

Where will your child’s interests take them? What will you discover together? Subscribe to Hello Genius today and enjoy the power of artificial intelligence for education.

Step 1: Download the parent app on the Parent Device

Step 2: Download the child app on the Child's Device