4 Major Benefits of Learning Apps for Pre K

A child using a tablet device.

Young children are naturally attracted to color, movement, and sound, so their attention is often captured by the nearest lit-up screen. The good news is that judicious use of screen time with preschoolers can be used to introduce them to the world, in addition to entertaining them.

Discover four major benefits of learning apps for pre k that can support your child as they learn and help you connect with them. Brought to you by the people behind Hello Genius, the AI-powered app for self-directed exploration and bonding.

1. Learning Apps Develop Motor Skills

Fine motor skills lay the groundwork for writing, drawing, playing musical instruments, and much more. In contrast to watching a TV screen, learning apps for pre k require children to tap, swipe, and interact — developing their motor skills and actively involving them in their learning.

2. Apps Can Make Learning Fun

The best e-learning apps for education are the ones that engage your child so thoroughly that they might not even know they’re learning. These are the activities you and your child will keep coming back to for weeks and months as their understanding of their favorite subjects develops.

3. Apps Can Help You Discover Your Child’s Interests

Even before kindergarten, your child is beginning to gravitate towards specific interests that may continue for life. A major benefit of certain learning apps for pre k is that they introduce a wide range of topics so that you can learn what your child cares about and support their interests in those areas.

4. Learning Apps Provide a Safe Space to Explore

The open Internet provides many wonderful resources for children. However, advertising and other unsavory content are just as common. Third-party links can easily lead children to find content that is not appropriate for their age. Complete learning apps for pre k provide the benefit of free exploration for children without any links that could take them elsewhere. The best e-learning apps for education include parental controls that let you lock the device into the app, preventing children from accessing the wider Internet or other applications that you have on the device.

Learn and Grow with Your Child Through Hello Genius

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On your own device, the joint parent app gathers data on your child’s selections and preferred learning styles with a detailed activity history that can be shared with the child’s teachers or tutors. Learning about your child’s interests can help you deepen your parent-child relationship.

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