Four Lessons Kids Should Learn from Their Parents

Children in their formative years are like sponges. They instinctively absorb and internalize much of what they see around them, often in unexpected ways. They do this in their experiences at school, in their social interactions with people, and, of course, through the content they find in books, television, and online. However, what a child learns from their parents can often constitute some of their life’s most important lessons.

It’s increasingly common to see parents draw up an education plan for their kids’ schooling. Consider this a guide to planning some of the life lessons you’ll want to teach your kids to ensure they grow to become well-rounded people.

Personal Responsibility

To flip a pop culture reference on its head, with great responsibility comes great power. Responsibility is key to earning the trust and confidence of others, and it’s an important part of growing up. Teach your children early that they’re responsible for their grades in school, for cleaning up after themselves, and for picking out their own clothes to wear. Take things further by putting them in charge of keeping a houseplant watered, or even a pet fed once they’re ready.

This is also a lesson children should learn from their parents by example. Be conscious about who you attribute blame to when talking to your child so they learn that they shouldn’t push responsibility on others.

Assuming responsibility for themselves fosters self-confidence and can be an incredibly empowering experience. Indeed, doing it often marks a turning point in their lives. It’s also something kids learn best from their parents, authority figures whom they love and respect.

Empathy and Respect

Diverse children playing togetherTrying to understand another person’s point of view is the first step towards establishing a relationship with them. It comes from a place of respect for others’ values and leads to deeper social bonds and richer life experiences.

When your child talks about their friends, ask what they’ve learned about them, where they’re from, what their hobbies are, and more to encourage your child to ask these questions themselves. If they ever have a disagreement with another child, ask them to describe how the other child was feeling and what they were thinking.

Civil behavior and an open mind are cornerstones of a developed society, and as parents, we’d be remiss to not instill those values in our children during their early years.

Dream Big

If nothing else, children must learn from their parents the power of imagination. Dreaming big is the only way to achieve big. As parents, we must nurture their curiosity and ambitions, and teach them to believe that anything is possible. This is also an excellent way to understand what drives your children and to forge a deeper connection with them.

Ask your child often about what captures their attention and what they like to learn about. Follow that up with activities that support their interests. Consider arts and crafts, music, sports, nature walks, and anything related to what captures their imagination.

Hello Genius was made to help with this. The app tracks what children explore and discover through photos, videos, and books, then suggests local activities that support those interests that parents and children can bond over.

Social Etiquette

Child learns from parent to serve foodHow a person presents themselves often says more about them than anything they can say themselves. Simple things like table manners, courteous conversations, being punctual, and generosity are all habits that can stick with your young one for their whole life.

Children who learn social etiquette from their parents are already ahead for making friends and succeeding in life.

Make the Most of Parenthood

Parents often experience personal growth themselves in the process of imparting life lessons to their children. It’s not uncommon for younger parents to improve their lives in the process of becoming better role models for their children. The lessons a child learns from their parent and vice versa are part of a mutual journey to develop a deeper bond.

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