Hello Genius

Uniquely enabling children to discover and learn what they love, and empowering their parents to learn about them.

Step 1: Download the parent app on the parent device

Step 2: Download the child app on the child’s device

Step 1: Download the parent app on the Parent Device

Step 2: Download the child app on the Child’s Device

for parents, for children, for good

You have the power to give your children the world. You can give them the freedom to learn on their own terms and join them on their journey. Nothing is more important to children than parental affirmation. How much would it mean to you if you could better help your child discover their passions and bond more deeply with them as they grow?

an ai-powered kids’ learning app

Hello Genius is a safe and powerful self-adapting learning platform that empowers children ages 5-10 to learn and enables parents to be informed and involved. It gets kids engaged, inspiring their curiosity and creativity.

a joint parent app

As kids use and learn from the child app, data about the topics they choose to explore is shown on the joint parent app in real-time and over time.

Meeting the Challenges
of Parenthood

Safe learning & exploration icon
safe learning & exploration

A kids’ learning app environment that’s designed for their safety. All of their information is secure. Children will not be exposed to advertisements or unapproved content online.

Rich & engaging multimedia content icon
rich & engaging multi-media content

A child-friendly screen experience with photos, videos, books, and rich interactive features to facilitate deeper learning and encourage exploration.

Dynamic artificial intelligence icon
dynamic artificial intelligence

Hello Genius self-adapts to your child’s preferences to recommend new content and produce shareable data about the content that your child interacts with.

Connect over text, voice, and video icon
connect over text, voice, and video

Connect with your kids at any time on subjects they care about. The Hello Genius kids’ learning app enables text, phone, and video calls between children and parents.

Empower your child's learning journey icon
empower your child’s learning journey

See your child’s interests and participate in their learning with suggestions and shared content. Empower them on the journey of discovering passions that can stay with them for their entire lives.

Understanding your child's interests icon
understand your child’s interests

The Hello Genius app reveals what your children are learning. Dynamic insights into a child’s interests help parents understand and connect with their kids.

Participate in your child’s learning journey in real time and over time through the parent app.

A self-directed learning platform icon
a self-directed learning platform

An app for kids to learn about what captivates them, helping them express their individuality.

Children are unique individuals and they have unique preferences. Hello Genius offers multiple media options for each subject because not all children learn in the same way.

parent app

Parents can communicate with their children, see what they learn, suggest content, and engage with them on the topics they’re interested in. We like to think it makes the parent a partner in learning. Hello Genius allows you to be there even when you’re at work or on a trip. No more, “What did you do today?” No more anxiety about not being close to your child.

parent community

Once your child begins to learn on Hello Genius, our technology will identify children who share similar interests and passions. Opt in to these communities for the opportunity to say hello and build new friendships. Children learn best together. As your kids learn through the app, they’ll have the chance to build friendships and share their passions for an enriched childhood experience.

apps management

select the apps your children enjoy and learn from

Hello Genius has unique features for learning, but we also want to help parents and children enjoy the other apps they love and learn from.

Our apps management allows parents to add additional apps to the secure environment of Hello Genius. This gives your child additional learning tools and you peace of mind.

*Not available for iOS systems.

Hello Genius managing multiple apps

child app

Our fundamental commitment is to providing safe and stimulating child content and enhancing parental involvement in their learning.

your first
hour on
Hello Genius

snap & learn

A boy using the Scan and Learn feature of Hello Genius
Hello Genius teaching about exotic bird

1. snap

Children love to take photos, and Hello Genius allows them to photograph anything they want.

2. learn

Hello Genius can recognize what they capture and allows them to learn more about anything in their images.

Scan and learn with Hello Genius

3. explore

Your child can learn even more about everything they see and snap. It is like a camera full of knowledge, and kids love it!

a unique aid to traditional education

The Hello Genius kids’ learning app helps reveal your child’s interests, strengths, and passions. It’s not made to replace conventional curriculums, but the insights might benefit teachers who want to better understand your child.

Try sharing your child’s Hello Genius data with their teacher as a way to help them engage your child in the classroom.

Word Tree Flow

founded on the
of Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D. was a world-leading figure on child creativity and human potential. He believed education should encourage the natural curiosity, creativity, and imagination of our children and focus less on standardized curriculums, leaning instead to approaches that support each child’s individuality and unique talents. As a Board Director, his contributions helped shape the Hello Genius learning experience, one that adapts to the interests of each child, supporting their individuality and encouraging their curiosity and creativity, and one which recognizes the importance of the parent in the learning experience.

please enjoy our heartwarming family stories

join Hello Genius during our early release phase

download before May 2021 and get your first year FREE!

Hello Genius will announce pricing plans to suit everyone in May 2021. We have a commitment to all the benefits of our apps never costing more than 99c a day and to providing learning access for free to an underprivileged child for every paying subscriber.

We invite you to join us in our apps early release phase. While we continue to work on content and premium feature enhancements ( set to roll out in April 2021 ), we ask you to download today, trial our apps and provide us with feedback on you and your child’s experiences.

Step 1: Download the parent app on the parent device

We invite you to join us in our apps early release phase. While we continue to work on content and premium feature enhancements ( set to roll out in May 2021 ), we ask you to download today, trial our apps and provide us with feedback on you and your child’s experiences.

Step 2: Download the child app on the child’s device

supporting children in need

Hello Genius is for parents, for children, and for good. For every annual subscription, we will empower a child in a developing country with free access to our kids’ learning app technology to help make a positive impact on learning opportunities for those with less. Hello Genius is also giving free subscriptions to all service people with children serving overseas. We recognize their valor and the fact they miss so much time with their children.

parent tips

Use Hello Genius insights for real-world activities

As your child uses Hello Genius, the platform creates a dataset of your child’s interests. It then suggests activities in your area that match with those interests, like museums, public parks, and classes in arts and crafts. Make the most of Hello Genius by taking them for visits, nature walks, or signing up for parent-child classes.

Talk with your child daily about what they learn

Children love talking about their interests, and what they explore in Hello Genius typically beats the “what did you learn in school today” conversation. Asking them about what they’ve seen is a great way to teach them how to articulate their interests and to encourage them to investigate further.

Be smart about screen time

Hello Genius is an enriching kids’ learning app, but it’s healthy to balance your child’s screen time with other activities. Use recommendations by Hello Genius to help plan your weekends, and to create exciting and important opportunities to stimulate your child’s learning away from the screen.

Encourage kids to explore their environment

Snap and Learn mode in Hello Genius can identify nearly anything your child takes a photo of. Take them on nature walks or to the zoo. Have them take photos of the plants and animals to learn more about them.

Use Hello Genius when you travel

Hello Genius identifies activities that match your child’s interests in your area. Consider using it both to plan trips to other cities or countries, as well as to find fun activities in the new places you travel to.

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